The homeowners' passion for Asian influenced design set the tone for this project. They valued the aesthetic simplicity of Asian architecture complemented with the fine attention to detail.


Beyond the design statement, the homeowners requested an office be removed from the main residence in order to separate work from the solace of their living space. Although the garden office would be a professional environment, it had to also harbor a sense of tranquility and discipline.The original structure was a dilapidated free-standing shed that at one time was a garage. The rear yard lacked security and privacy.


The new garden office evolved into a defining structure of an open courtyard offering a peaceful transition from the main residence. The new garden office has thus increased the usage of the property while maintaining the same footprint of all the original structures. The openness of the double sliding doors and the soft interior lighting invites one to stroll through the garden towards the office. While the new garden office has been intentionally separated from the main living residence, the architectural design of both the garden and the office create a sense of oneness and unity.