The HDR Remodeling Start-to-Finish Process is a proven approach to successful home remodeling that organizes each project into distinct phases: Planning, Preparation, and Production. 

Our attention to detail in the Planning and Preparation phases helps to ensure that the Production phase of your home remodel runs smoothly. This helps to keep the project on schedule and reduces the likelihood of budget over-runs.



Our process begins with a complimentary meeting at your home to meet you to review your Wish List. We encourage clients to start a Houzz Ideabook for your home remodel, which helps bring visions to life. The sales person and you can walk through the remodeling project and talk about your ideas to make your house a dream home.



Next, we will invite you to come in for a complimentary meeting at our office and Design studio. We will explore your Design options and discuss estimated cost ranges based on the discussion from the in-home consultation. At this meeting, we most often sign a Design Agreement if we both want to move ahead with the project.



Once the Design Agreement is signed, the real fun begins! We will use this as a starting point for defining your Design aesthetic.

We recommend you review our past projects to see if there are any looks and styles that appeal to you. 

Our Design + Build Coordinator will work with you to map out a series of Design meetings where you will collaborate on Design and product selections with the HDR team of professionals, a process tailored to your preferred level of involvement in the Design process. The coordinator will offer schematic drawings and cost estimates based on the Design. We will also introduce you to our selection and scheduling software, BuilderTrend.

At the end of the Design phase, we carefully review the final version of the construction contract and, if both parties are in agreement, sign the contract, file for building permits and zoning approval, and schedule the production start date.



Once the contract is signed and the deposit is received, we will order the materials. We do not start a project until all the materials are on the job site and inspected. This ensures that you will not be under construction any longer than necessary.

A “Pass the Baton” meeting is held between you and the Design and Production teams to ensure a seamless transition that cannot be found outside of a full service Design + Build firm. This will include a pre-construction walk through. 

With the materials on the job site, we will start the production phase and build according to the specifications in the remodeling contract and the approved plans. We strive to provide excellent service to meet your expectations at each phase of the remodeling project. The Lead Carpenter assigned to your job will be on site every day unless you are notified otherwise. Our Head of Production will visit the site approximately every other day and always on Friday to review the progress. Our Head of Design will often join in on these weekly progress reviews.



When the job is complete, we will schedule a personal post-production walk through with you. This will give you a chance to review the work and sign off on the finished project. Next, we schedule a professional photo shoot of the completed project for submission in local and national awards. Many of our satisfied clients have enjoyed an invitation to a lovely dinner at Philip’s home along with his husband, Jim, and other clients who have recently completed remodels.


To start the process for your home remodel, CONTACT US BELOW OR CALL US AT 510.845.6100 and Schedule YOUR IN-HOME CONSULTATION.