There are many economic, social, and environmental benefits to building an ADU or guest house. An ADU offers flexible housing options in a central neighborhood, while using existing infrastructures. They are an affordable housing option to build as they do not require additional land or major new infrastructure. 

Where the cost of housing is a rising concern for many East Bay Area residents, an ADU provides a more affordable option in developed areas. They also come with a significantly smaller environmental impact as tiny houses, at an average of 450 square feet per unit, use less energy in daily living. Having an ADU can also raise your property value. The right design can blend seamlessly into your home and the neighborhood, adding to the beauty of your property.

What an ADU Offers:

  • Secondary Income: Provides additional source of income for homeowners
  • Modern Family Living: Allows family to share independent living spaces
  • Guest House: Allows extended family to be near when visiting while maintaining privacy.
  • Home Based Business: Home offices provide work-life balance by creating separation of work and home life for individuals who work from home.
  • Aging in Place: Allows elderly family who need additional support to live with dignity. 

ADUs can be as simple as a home office, or a long-term solution for multigenerational living as well as a solution for additional rental income. These small houses are perfect as temporary guest houses. There are also multiple life stages that an ADU can go through. An ADU can be rented out for supplemental income while your family grows, it can be for college-aged children returning home who needs a private living space, or a home for an elderly relative when they need help getting around. You also have the option to downsize into a small cozy space for simpler living when the primary house becomes too much to maintain or if your children are looking to grow their family and need more space. ADUs are less costly to operate and maintain and may be the answer for your lifelong housing plan.

ADU Lifecycle.png

Many Bay Area cities are jumping on board the ADU alternative to housing by improving their regulations and making ADUs easier to build for homeowners. Take a look at building an ADU in your city.