Oh So Trendy Bathroom Design Trends!


If 2019 is the year you’ve decided to finally remodel your bathroom, you picked a good one. HDR Remodeling has put together the BIG list of 2019 bathroom design trends – along with some design inspiration for transforming your lowly bathroom – into a spa-worthy sanctuary.

Can You Dig It? Yes, You Can!


When building up or out is out of the question, go down under with a basement addition. If you love your home, but it’s become a tight fit, a basement addition is an increasingly popular option for Coastal East Bay homeowners constrained by lot space, and/or permitting issues. Moreover, a basement addition provides a way to double your home’s livable square footage - never a bad thing when you’re ready to sell – and ranks near the top of home remodeling projects for yielding the best return on investment.

From Funky To Functional


Outdated, cramped, crowded, or unsafe? If you can use any of these adjectives to describe your kitchen, let’s face it, you probably hate it. We hear it all the time. The good news is, you’re not alone.

Standard, Mid-Level, And Custom Kitchen Renovations: Which Kitchen Remodel Is Right For You?

Many homeowners daydream about a kitchen remodel but waver on taking the first steps, perhaps because they are unsure of where to start or if the project will fit into their budget. Take the time to prepare with the right information and to determine what the scope of your project really is. You may realize that a kitchen remodel is well within your budget if you know what you want.

Making The Biggest Impact While Saving Money On Home Remodels

When you are working with a budget, a full home remodel may feel out of reach. However, by shopping smart, knowing where to go to get a complete start to finish service, and getting deals for your remodeling project, you can achieve a new look for your home renovation without unnecessary overspending.

5 Tips For A Highly Functional Kitchen

Most kitchen remodels often overlook how functional a kitchen is. When redesigning your kitchen space, here are 5 important things to consider for functionality in your remodel.

Remodeling Projects To Make Your Home Feel Like An Oasis

If you’re like us and love staying in nice hotels and vacation homes, why not make your own home feel like one? It’s easier than you think when you have a Design + Build firm to manage your home remodel from conception to completion.

The Tiny House Trend And What It Can Do For You In The Bay Area

You've probably seen these diminutive houses popping up in backyards everywhere around the Bay Area. They look like charming little cottages that belong on an Irish hillock somewhere, and they can comfortably house your in-laws, adult children moving back home or act as a source of affordable long term rental income.

Contractor Goes To Spain For Vacation

By Philip Anderson

My husband, Jim Tibbs, and I recently were in Spain on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca. We were both amazed by the buildings, restaurants, shops and hotels.  With the city’s desire to maintain the 16th century architecture while upgrading the amenities for retail, hospitality and commercial, I can see that it would pose a lot of problems for remodeling contractors.  

Lunch & Learn On Planning Your Home Remodel

An Informative Event

HDR Remodeling, a full service residential Design + Build Remodeling Firm, hosted a Lunch & Learn Thursday, September 7th on Planning for Your Next Remodel. In addition to helping homeowners in Berkeley and the East Bay Area achieve their remodeling dreams for the past 30+ years, HDR Remodeling provides educational resources and learning opportunities for the community at large.

HDR Remodeling ADU Granny Flat Featured On CNBC


CNBC featured a granny flat built in Oakland by HDR Remodeling on Sunday morning. Jane Baldwin, a retiree from Wyoming, moved to Oakland to be closer to her son. Rather than moving into his main house, she built a granny flat, officially termed Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU for short, in his backyard. This allows her to be close to her family while maintaining her independence and privacy.

HDR Remodeling Featured In Berkeley Times Real Estate

HDR Remodeling hosted a Lunch & Learn on Building Backyard Cottages followed by an Open House visit to one of our recently completed projects on the Oakland Berkeley border, a 400 square foot Accessory Dwelling Unit, commonly known as an in-law unit, granny flat, or backyard cottage. In attendance, was The Berkeley Times, who covered the event in last week’s paper. 

Lunch & Learn On Building Backyard Cottages A Great Success

HDR Remodeling, a full service residential Design & Build contractor, hosted a Lunch & Learn Saturday, August 12 on Building Backyard Cottages. With over 30 years servicing Berkley and the great East Bay Area, HDR Remodeling is the perfect contractor to learn from.