Oh So Trendy Bathroom Design Trends!

The BIG List of 2019 Bathroom Design Trends

If 2019 is the year you’ve decided to finally remodel your bathroom, you picked a good one. HDR Remodeling has put together the BIG list of 2019 bathroom design trends – along with some design inspiration for transforming your lowly bathroom – into a spa-worthy sanctuary.

Terrazo countertop.jpg

1. Rock, Pebble, and Stone – Terrazzo

With their identifiable origins and distinctive organic appeal, terrazzo and terrazzo-look products are making a big comeback. The ubiquitous industrial-strength flooring gets a 21st-century update with bisected river rock, colorful pebble, stone, and glass composites. Oh so versatile, terrazzo is finding its way into bathroom countertops, backsplashes and shower stall walls, too.

2. Counter Intuitive - Recycle Paper Countertops

It sounds “counter” intuitive - especially for a bathroom design, but recycled paper, or “Paperstone” is an excellent countertop material. Originally designed for skateboard parks (can you say durable?), this 100% post-consumer waste paper product is non-toxic, easy care, and imparts a natural, wood-like warmth to the bathroom - unlike stone.

3. Go with the Flow - Plumbing Fixtures Go Low Luster

Sublime edges out shiny when it comes to on-trend bathroom faucets and fixtures. Warmer, low-luster finishes like brushed nickel, pewter, and unlacquered brass add distinction - especially in traditional bathroom remodels. Go edgy with exposed modern industrial-inspired shower plumbing in gunmetal and matte finishes - the perfect counterpoint to white marble shower stalls.

4. Euro-Style “Facilities” - Today’s Bidet in Every Way

Common to almost every bathroom throughout Europe, the bidet has finally made its way West, or at least its ingenious first cousin - the seat mounted bidet. For bathroom remodels with limited space or small footprints, the current offering of seat-mounted bidets get high marks for functionality and ease of installation.

5. “Green Walls” Bring Nature Indoors

It’s ALIVE - Nothing brings nature indoors like living plants. Add “Green Cred” to your bathroom remodel with houseplants. Orchids do well in bathrooms with low-light, hanging plants for sunny spaces - or a solid “green” wall next to the tub for languid nature escapes from city life.

6. Rock Solid - Slab Shower Stall Walls

We think every bathroom should have a tub AND a shower stall – and 2019 bathroom trends are proving us right. For homes with larger bathrooms, the semi-enclosed, walk-in shower stall with solid stone slabs walls have finally made their way from high-end luxury bathroom designs to our humbler abodes.  

Berkeley Blue Bathroom Remodel

Berkeley Blue Bathroom Remodel

7. How Dare You? With Bold Colors, that’s How!

Let your “daring-do” do it’s thing. If you’re envisioning a bodacious bathroom remodel, 2019 is your year. Contemporary bathroom designs are all about bold, daring colors in saturated hues. Whether it’s painted or tiled, the spa-inspired bathroom design is seductive and indulgent.

8. State Your Case for the Small Bathroom Space - The Powered-up Powder Room

Make a powerful statement, and add a little (or a lot) of drama in a powder room. This year, vivid colors, oversized floral patterns, and eclectic pattern on pattern wallpapers are showing up in small and unexpected spaces so, go big!

9. Old World Charm - Deco Reimagined

Traditionalists will love the Old World charm of reimagined Art Deco accents in the bathroom. Less ornate, but every bit as beautiful, Deco-inspired tubs and gold-toned accents add opulence to any bathroom design.

10. Concrete Evidence - Utility Marries Function

Lowly concrete gets a haute design overhaul in today’s contemporary bathrooms. No longer confined to flooring, utilitarian concrete is reimagined as bathroom sinks, walls, countertops and shower enclosures. Stained or natural, dress concrete up with organic materials – like wood and steel – for interior bathroom trends with timeless appeal.

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