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Your bathroom is an essential part of your home. It can be a peaceful place to start your day and a place where you can end your day with a long relaxing bath.  A bathroom that doesn't meet your needs can be the root of a frustrating day. You may feel closed in by a small bathroom, or disappointed by a bathroom with a poor layout. A bathroom remodel can turn a dull and cramped bathroom into a relaxing space to get your personal needs taken care of and get your day off to a great start or a wonderful finish.

HDR Remodeling can help design a master bathroom addition or find ways to expand the existing bathroom for more space.  We can make the best use of the space that is already there, and showcase the parts of the bathroom you use the most. If you have a home in Berkeley, Albany, Oakland, Piedmont, or the surrounding East Bay area, we can help you renovate your bathroom using our Design + Build model to get you  there.

+ Consultation: The Beginning Of Your Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom remodel begins with you sharing your bathroom ideas with us and completing what we call your Wish List.

Follwoing this, we set up a visit to your East Bay home. We will schedule a meeting at your convenience to review your Wish List, evaluate your bathroom space, and hear what you want for your bathroom. Our experienced Design team can make suggestions on how to best implement the remodel to bring these plans to light within your budget. We will find out the type of sinks and countertops that appeal to you, and help you plan your remodel from the flooring up.

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+ Design: Creating A Plan For Your Bathroom Remodeling Dreams

HDR Remodeling will help you plan a bathroom addition or take full advantage of every inch of space that is available.

Your ideas for how your bathroom should look and function are taken by our in-house Design team and transformed into a plan of action for your bathroom remodel. Our in-house Designers will work with you on your vision for your bathroom and provide valuable input on how it can be remodeled to best suit your family needs. Whether you want a japanese soaking tub, steam shower or a multi head shower, HDR Remodeling can help you realize your dreams.

HDR Remodeling will provide you with quality product options that fit your budget and achieve the look you aspire for at a desirable price. We will take your bathroom wish list and make it aesthetically pleasing and functional for daily use.

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+ Build: The Bathroom Remodeling Begins

This is the part where you will benefit from the Design + Build model the most. HDR Remodeling will not only design a beautiful bathroom addition or bathroom remodel, we will insure that the complete remodel matches your design.

We pride ourselves on building green to benefit your home and the environment. HDR Remodeling uses renewable and recycled resources to ensure energy efficiency, personal comfort, and healthier living.

You can watch every step of the way as your derelict bathtub comes out, and the beautiful new one goes in. HDR Remodeling will walk you through each step as you watch your bathroom remodel design become reality. With no details overlooked, your new bathroom will make getting ready in the morning a happy and stress-free experience.

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Take a look at our Kensington bathroom remodel or Alameda bathroom remodel to see how you are in good hands with HDR Remodeling. Contact us today to start your bathroom remodeling project.