WOODSY CHARm Bath in Kensington

We were ecstatic to take on this lower level remodel for one of our favorite return clients. Having already remodeled much of the upper level, we were familiar with their unique craftsman tastes and appreciation for beautiful wood work. Our in-house design team re-worked the floor plan to create an additional bedroom, make the family/media room more functional, and significantly upgraded the existing lower level bedroom and bath. The addition of custom bookshelves and beautiful pocket doors allows for connection between the new bedroom and the media room when desired, and privacy when needed. The existing bedroom had an awkward utility box along one wall which was re-imagined into a stunning wood bench and reading nook. The desperately outdated bathroom was revitalized with a new vision, carefully curated to meet modern functionality and design while staying true to the whimsical "woodsy" charm of the client's personal aesthetic.

In addition to the bathroom remodel here, HDR also remodeled additional rooms in the same woodsy theme. Take a look at the home remodel here