Bath in Kensington Whole House Remodel

“The regular communication was outstanding. We met weekly with email exchanges in between - that approach allowed us to keep very close tabs on the project progress and catch small problems before they had a chance to become big problems. Remodeling is not for the faint of heart, and HDR did a great job of keeping us sane as we lived through 4 months of construction.”

- Steve & Lori A., Kensington, CA



Our in-house design team re-worked the floor plan to significantly upgraded the bathroom. The desperately outdated bathroom was revitalized with a new vision, carefully curated to meet modern functionality and design while staying true to the whimsical "woodsy" charm of the client's personal aesthetic.

In addition to the bathroom remodel here, HDR also remodeled the whole house in the same woodsy theme. Take a look at the Kensington home remodel here